Friday, February 28, 2020

TCTB Review Roundup: SUPERMAN BECOMES LOIS LANE at the HERstory Thetare

History Theatre has been HERstory Theatre all month with their production of Superman Becomes Lois Lane. This #truestory gem closes very shortly on March 1, so don't miss your chance to see it! See what our bloggers thought in our roundup below:

Cherry and Spoon says "A year after it began, HERstory continues at St. Paul's History Theatre. But this HER had to work a little harder to claim that correct pronoun that many of us take for granted. Superman Becomes Lois Lane is the true story of the playwright Susan Kimberly, who transitioned to her correct gender as a bit of a public figure in St. Paul in the 1980s, and went on to become the first transgender woman to serves as deputy mayor of a major American city. It's an engaging and inspirational story, told in a fantastical yet grounded way, that provides insight into one person's journey to their truest self." Read more:

The Stages of MN says "Superman is in the title of the play, but he is not the only hero associated with it. Superman Becomes Lois Lane is written by real life hero Susan Kimberly. This is her story and by sharing it, she helps facilitate understanding and compassion, and that, makes the world a better place. [...] I also know from personal experience that those who are able to share their journey bring comfort, validation, and hope to those who are just beginning." Read more:

Twin Cities Stages says "What makes the show so unique is that both Susan Kimberly as portrayed by Freya Richman and Bob Sylvester as portrayed by Sean Michael Dooley exist together on stage in multiple scenes. The two who are in moments completely separate and at others are one are constantly in conversation with each other though, this method of storytelling is powerful and unique from other stories of transition that I have seen." Read more: