Thursday, March 25, 2021

TCTB Review Roundup: THE LADY WITH ALL THE ANSWERS streaming from Lakeshore Players Theatre

TCTB is happy to bring you a REVIEW ROUNDUP today! We haven't had very many of these in the last year, but several of our bloggers watched and wrote about Lakeshore Players Theatre's new recorded and livestreamed production of THE LADY WITH ALL THE ANSWERS, a one-woman show about advice columnist Ann Landers starring Shanan Custer. We all enjoyed the experience, so we wanted to share this with you in advance of the show's final weekend.

Find more info and tickets here:

Read on for blogger thoughts, and click the links for the full reviews.

Cherry and Spoon:
"With full set, costumes, lighting, and even a bit of crowd laughter from the crew, filmed from several different camera angles, it really feels like an engaging and entertaining theater performance that we just happen to be watching from home."

Lettered in Theatre:
"Shanan Custer gave an incredible performance capturing the heart, humor, and spirit of the woman behind the Ann Landers column."

and from our newest blog Post Script:
"Shanan Custer (regularly seen with "The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society") largely succeeds with the help of director Sandra Struthers, and together, they make a flagging script into a piece that reflects America's heart in the mid to late 1900s. "