Sunday, March 1, 2020

TCTB Review Roundup: THE WORLD OVER at Open Window Theatre

Open Window Theatre is (finally!) back with an epic quest story based on Greek mythology. Head to their shiny new space in Inver Grove Heights before March 15 to join the #tctheater fun. Here's what our bloggers had to say:

The Stages of MN says "The World Over is well paced hero’s journey. Performed by a cast that can bring the epic but also remembers that a sprinkle of humor can do a lot towards helping an audience suspend their disbelief." Read more:

Cherry and Spoon says "Congratulations to Open Window Theatre to making it through the last few challenging years and finally arriving at their own Gildoray in Inver Grove Heights. Even thought it's a bit of a drive for me, it is great to see #TCTheater expanding out into the suburbs." Read more:

Single White Fringe Geek says "But even though the script for The World Over doesn’t quite stick the landing, OpenWindow Theatre’s production tries with all its might to get it there. Open Window Theatre has a penchant for choosing challenging scripts and trying to make up for any shortcomings with first-rate stagecraft. I can’t fault them for a noble effort. Even though the second half is a little bit of a letdown, the first act of The World Over is well worth the price of admission. So, see The World Over. Enjoy the adventure. And help welcome back Open Window Theatre. Here’s hoping they’re making theater in their new home for a long, long time." Read more:

The Global Dig says "Tucker Brewster Schuster is a standout in a number of his roles. There are moments when his penetrating stares make you believe there is something in the distance worth discovering, if we all had an imagination that powerful. At one point, he grabs a character by the coat collar and carries him off the stage." Read more:

Millennial in the Mezzanine says "If you are a fan of daring adventures, fantasy worlds, ridiculously talented actors, and thematic questions that keep you thinking long after the curtain closes, Open Window Theatre’s comeback production of The World Over is a must see." Read more:

Play off the Page says "I enjoyed watching The World Over"