Friday, March 30, 2018

TCTB Review Roundup: Familiar at the Guthrie Theater

The Guthrie Theater recently opened a fantastic production written by Danai Gurira (The Walking Dead, Black Panther) about the importance of knowing your heritage and themes of what it means to be family. This hilarious comedy runs through April 14. Check out what our reviewers had to say about it.
Compendium - Minneapolis: "Gurira is an awe-inspiring writer, and the all-around excellence of Familiar is a testament to her sharp wit and a wisdom beyond her years."
Play off the Page: "The tender moments between them melt your heart. The humorous moments between them leave you clutching your sides and hiding your face!"
Coffee Talk with Brett: "The cast is marvelous, and I truly mean that in every sense of the word."
Cherry and Spoon: "As the title implies, it's about families, one specific Zimbabwean-Minnesotan family in particular, that will feel familiar to anyone with a family."

Monday, March 26, 2018

TCTB Review Roundup: Princess Ida at Gilbert and Sullivan Very Light Opera Theater

Last night, The Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company wrapped up a production of "Princess Ida." This steampunk inspired production was a hit for many of our bloggers. Read their thoughts below and be sure to "Like" them on Facebook to get updates on their next show.
Cherry and Spoon: "...Everyone is so expressive and in the moment, even if they're in the very back."
PhenoMNal Twin Cities: "Before I knew it, the entire first act sped by in entertaining whirl of comedy..."
Play off the Page: "The chorus was wonderful, the leads spectacular."
Compendium - Minneapolis: "One of the things that sold me on Princess Ida out of the gate was the gorgeous, steampunk-inspired production design."
Say Entirely: "Turning gears, extravagant headgear, and heavy weaponry adds to the delight and humor of the show."

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

TCTB Review Roundup: As One by Skylark Opera Theatre

There is only one more weekend left to see this powerful one-act opera at Skylark Opera Theatre at the North Garden Theater in St. Paul. Tickets can be found at!
Cherry and Spoon: "It's a beautiful, heart-breaking, inspirational, ultimately hopeful story gorgeously told through music"
Twin Cities Stages: "As One is a beautiful and important one act Opera. It is intimate and moving and is only playing for one more weekend."
Minnesota Theater Love: "Seriously, go see it. It's absolutely marvelous."

Friday, March 16, 2018

TCTB Review Roundup: Assassins at Theatre Latte Da

Cheers to the weekend and cheers to the last couple shows of Theater Latté Da near sold out run of Stephen Sondheim's musical "Assassins." Check out our bloggers reviews below and buy tickets sooner rather than later as they are almost sold out!
Cherry and Spoon: "Assassins, like all Latte Da shows, is perfectly cast. I could not come up with a better cast if I tried, and in fact many of my favorite actors are gathered in this show, making it a delight to witness."
Compendium - Minneapolis: "While the performances are terrific - in the truest, most literal sense of that word - the show itself seems both more timely and more horrifying than ever."
Play off the Page: "It's all fun and festive until the shooting begins."

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

TCTB Review Round Up: The Pirates of Penzance at Park Square Theatre

Park Square Theatre has produced a re imagined and new production of "Pirates of Penzance" that had many of our bloggers absolutely gushing! This production runs through March 25. 

Read their reviews below:

Cherry and Spoon: "This show is proof that classic pieces we love, despite some outdated parts, can be updated to feel fresh, modern, relevant, and still worthy of doing"

Compendium - Minneapolis: "[Christina Baldwin's] subversively modern feminist re-writes of several of the lyrical interludes make this performance contemporary and enlightening..."

Twin Cities Stages: "Park Square has made [The Pirates of Penzance] something brilliant and brand new."

Coffee Talk with Brett: "What I loved about this set is the ever changing set pieces. Never did I get bored with it because of the amount of large set pieces that were so three dimensional with different looks on each side."

Friday, March 9, 2018

TCTB Round Up: School of Rock at Hennepin Theatre Trust

"School of Rock: The Musical" only has a few performances left before they leave on Sunday at Hennepin Theatre Trust! Our bloggers went back to school to learn some rock and roll this week and had some pretty great things to say about it. Read the round up of reviews below!

Coffee Talk With Brett: "While this show is absolutely incredible from the entertaining music to the wickedly talented kids, it does deal with a rather important theme and that's music education."

Compendium - Minneapolis: "School of Rock touches on so many important themes about the power of youth and the bright futures we will all have if we can just learn to get out of their way."

PhenoMNal Twin Cities: "Rob’s performance is impressive given the incredible amount of energy required for the role."

Cherry and Spoon: "They're all so incredibly talented, so full of energy in the way that only kids can be."

Twin Cities Stages: "The kids were a clear highlight of the show for me. Not only did they sing, dance and act, they also played their own instruments."

Minnesota Theater Love: "The new songs, with music by Webber and lyrics by Glenn Slater, fit the classic-rock vibe of the tunes created for the film..."

TCTB Review Round Up: Indecent at the Guthrie Theater

Indecent has about a month left of its run at the Guthrie Theater. It closes on March 24. Read what our bloggers thoughts were below:
Compendium - Minneapolis - "An undeniable fact is that this production is beautifully produced."
Play off the Page - "I feel like it's [Paula Vogel's] Opus, her masterwork, and we are the fortune ones who are able to witness to it."
Coffee Talk with Brett - "Indecent is one of the most important pieces of theater I've ever seen in my life time and I mean that 100%."
Cherry and Spoon - "Historically important ideas and themes that still have relevance today, with a strong beating heart, make this one to remember"