Thursday, March 2, 2017

Anna in the Tropics - TCTB Review Roundup

photo: l to r: Juan Rivera Lebron (Juan Julian), Al Clemente Saks
(Santiago) and Adlyn Carreras (Ofelia) in Jungle Theater’s production
of Anna In The Tropics; photographer: Dan Norman)
We are having unseasonably warm weather in Minnesota this winter, but things are really heating up The Jungle Theater in Anna in the Tropics, playing until March 12th. Many Twin Cities Theater Bloggers saw the show, and although the reception was somewhat mixed, one sentiment is clear throughout, Anna in the Tropics is a great reminder of the power of great story telling. 
Check out the Twin Cities Theater Bloggers roundup for Anna in the Tropics below. 
Single White Fringe Geek says, "This production takes the sensuality of the words in the script and brings them to full life onstage in a way that easily swept the audience right along with it. Anna In The Tropics is the kind of play you enjoy surrendering to." Read the full review:
Say Entirely writes, "It makes you think about just how much impact the stories we hear and the stories we tell enact upon our lives." Read the full review:
Twin Cities Stages says, "Anna in the Tropics will transport you to steamy Tampa, Florida and will remind you of the importance of stories and their transformative properties." Read he full review:
Talkin Broadway writes, "while saturated with sensual imagery, poetry, and richly evocative metaphors drawn from nature, is largely realistic. Where fantasy exists, it is largely confined to people's thoughts. And yet, like many narratives about American immigrants past and present, the play has a mythical, timeless feel to it." Read the full review:
Cherry and Spoon says, "The writing of this play, and the Jungle's beautiful production that brings it to life, have a very dreamlike quality that prove his point. Storytelling is magical, it allows us to escape into other worlds, to imagine how other people feel." Read the full review:

Monday, February 27, 2017

Marie Antoinette - TCTB Review Roundup

Jane Froiland as Marie Antoinette, costume by Kathy Kohl, photo by Walking Shadow
Marie Antoinette at Walking Shadow Theatre Company is playing until March 6th. A few bloggers saw it, they didn't all completely understand the message behind the show, but they all agreed that it was a beautiful production worth seeing. Check out the TCTB Review Roundup below:
Single White Fringe Geek says, "Strong script, equally strong cast, strong design - director John Heimbuch and Walking Shadow once again have pulled together an impressive package of theatrical elements. " Read the full review:
Artfully Engaging writes, "Walking Shadow Theatre Company's Marie Antoinette by David Adjmi is well told, beautiful, and relevant." Read the full review:
Cherry and Spoon says, " It's a fascinating look at a woman we think we know, but it turns out there may be more to her story than history tells us. And maybe her story is still being repeated today."
Read the full review:

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Nina Simone: Four Women - TCTB Review Roundup

Photo by Petronella
Nina Simone: Four Women, Christina Ham's hit show, is back at Park Square Theatre until March 5th. Park Square graciously hosted the Twin Cities Theater Bloggers a few weeks ago. The bloggers all had a great time, and that was clearly reflected in the reviews. 
Compendium - Minneapolis says, "There is so much to glean from the wisdom in this play, and I urge everyone and anyone who is able to go see it, not only for the beautiful music and performances, but the powerful words and the thought provoking dialogues." Read the full review:
Cherry and Spoon says, "Fans of meaningful, relevant, timely theater - rejoice! Last year's smash hit new play with music, Nina Simone: Four Women, is back at Park Square Theatre!" Read the full review:
Twin Cities Stages says, " The music will carry you and the stories will make you think." Read the full review:
Talkin Broadway says, "Brilliantly weaving Simone's songs and spirituals into the narrative, Ham allows us to understand how the variety, complexity and sheer unpredictability of the women's experiences shaped their very different perspectives. As the women sing and speak their lives, they find solidarity, not despite their differences, but, in a sense, because of them." Read the full review:

Friday, February 24, 2017

Bad Dates - TCTB Review Roundup

Sara Marsh as Haley (photo courtesy of Artistry)
Bad Dates, a one woman show starring Sara Marsh, is playing at Artistry MN through February 26th. A few Twin Cities Theater Bloggers were able to make it to this show and all spoke highly of it. 
Cherry and Spoon says, "The play is funny and relatable, and perhaps even a bit poignant at times." Read the full review:
Say Entirely says, "This show is perfect for a ladies’ night out, but since bad dating experiences aren’t limited to women, guys shouldn’t shy away. And, really, no matter your age or gender, what is funnier than a bad date story?" Read the full review:
And Laura from One Girl, Two Cities made a youtube video in response. Check it out here:

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Whipping Man - TCTB Review Roundup

photo: l to r: Warren C. Bowles as Simon, Riley O’Toole as 
Caleb, and JuCoby Johnson as John in Minnesota Jewish 
Theatre's production of The Whipping Man; 
photography by Sarah Whiting Photography
The Whipping Man is currently playing at MN Jewish Theatre Company until February 26th and is the directorial debut of well known actor about town Sally Wingert. Both bloggers who saw the show agree that it is a powerful production and important for our current times. 
Single White Fringe Geek writes, "The Whipping Man deals in hard truths in a surprisingly gentle but still powerful way. It doesn’t spare the audience, but it also doesn’t attack them. Nor does it leave the audience without hope. These days, that’s a great and necessary thing for a piece of theater to do." Read the full review:
Cherry and Spoon says, "The play beautifully and painfully illustrates the intricacies of the slave/master relationship, one that has had and continues to have lasting effects on our country." Read the full review:

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Corazon Eterno - TCTB Review Roundup

Photo by Rich Ryan
Corazón Eterno is at Mixed Blood Theatre Company until February 25th. 
Our Twin Cities Theater Bloggers enjoyed the multilingual aspect and agreed that it was a sweet love story. 
Compendium - Minneapolis says "Corazón Eterno is pure romantic treacle" Read the full review:
Cherry and Spoon says it is a "sweet story told in two spoken languages, and the universal language of love" Read the full review:

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Importance of Being Ernest - TCTB Review Roundup

The cast and crew of The Importance of Being Earnest
(photo courtesy of Four Humors)
Four Humors is currently putting on The Importance of Being Ernest at The Southern Theater through February 25th. A couple theater bloggers have made it to the show and both agree that this show provides a good laugh and a break from our current times. 
Jill of Cherry and Spoon says "the consistently funny theater troupe that is Four Humors is the perfect company to bring us a good laugh in these... unusual times." Read the rest of the review here:
Laura of One Girl, Two Cities says, "When comedy is done right, it looks effortless but it’s actually rather challenging, and I can affirm that Four Humors knows how to do comedy." Laura also did a fantastic interview with Four Humors about this piece which can be seen at the following link