Thursday, February 13, 2020

TCTB Review Roundup: THE UGLY ONE by Walking Shadow Theatre Company

The Ugly One by Walking Shadow Theatre Company is now showing at Open Eye Figure Theatre. If you haven't heard of this quick 70 minute show, consider attending to get some welcome laughter in your life. It only runs through February 16, so catch it before it's gone! Read more of our bloggers' thoughts below.

The Stages of MN:
"The Ugly One one is a lot of fun, the cast are all game, with Sean Dillon truly nailing his two sided conversation with himself. It’s a faced paced commentary of beauty, that’s more absurd than preachy. It’s a fun time out to a theatre you may not have heard of before, but once you see them, you’ll be watching to see what they do next."

Cherry and Spoon:
"The Ugly One (aka Der Häßliche auf Deutsch) is a funny and absurd little play that skewers our obsession with looks, in particular the concepts of "beautiful" and "ugly." Unfortunately the protagonist is an able bodied white male of average height and weight, which is the least likely person to be discriminated against because of looks. In the workplace, women are expected to wear make-up, people of color sometimes can't have natural hairstyles, older people are expected to color their hair to look younger, and people with different body shapes, sizes, or abilities face looks-based discrimination most often. Which makes the story of a man who's so ugly he's overlooked at work seem a little unlikely, but maybe that's the point."