Wednesday, February 19, 2020

TCTB Review Roundup: Closing Soon!

This weekend is the last chance to experience two shows from some of #tctheater's most original companies! Check out what you're currently missing from our bloggers below.

Transatlantic Love Affair, After the Fires at Illusion Theater through February 22.

Cherry and Spoon:
"It really is difficult to describe what they do to someone who's never seen TLA before, other than to say the ensemble creates everything in the story - they mime actions with invisible props so well you can almost see them, and create an almost visible landscape. [...] that's the beauty of art in general, and this type of art in particular. It's up to us to fill in the blanks within the gorgeous lines the ensemble paints."

Twin Cities Stages:
"In the short 75 minute running time of After The Fires I fell in love with the characters. I rooted for their successful, feeling as though I longed for the return of the healers just as much as they did. I do not want to give away the plot, but After the Fires is not only a great example of world building, but also takes you on an emotional journey."

SteppingStone Theatre, The Real Life Adventures of Jimmy De Las Rosas through February 23

The Stages of MN:
"I attended a matinee performance of The Real Life Adventures of Jimmy De Las Rosa with a theatre full of elementary school kids. Hell! you say? Not at all, this is the audience you want to see it with, it’s the audience it exists for. I had a blast and it brought me back to those days of getting out of morning class, taking a bus to a theater and seeing a play with hundreds of other kids for schools all over town."