Sunday, February 23, 2020

TCTB Review Roundup: THREE LITTLE BIRDS at Children's Theatre Company

Children's Theatre Company is celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth  with a presentation of the reggae-based musical Bob Marley's Three Little Birds. This sunny show brought our bloggers straight from Minnesota's snowy banks to the balmy shores of Jamaica. Read their thoughts below:
"In just over an hour, this sweet and fantastical story plays out, about a scared and isolated boy who learns to be brave with the help of his friends, both human and bird. I must confess, I know very little about Bob Marley or his native Jamaica, and I'm not familiar with more than a few of his songs. This show is a great introduction to his music and his message, and it makes me want to board the next flight to Jamaica!"
"That embrace of complexity is at the heart of Three Little Birds and a good reason to go. It's short but packed with content; visually bright with a deceptively deep plot; filled with entertaining music and educational history that we could all stand to know a little more about. Popular culture tends to associate Bob Marley (and by extension all reggae) with marijuana and little else, which is such a shame because he stood for so much more. And in an age where black children are (incomprehensibly) still being told how to wear (and most often to cut) their hair, there is immense power and grace in seeing a positive depiction of protective styles told through a proudly black lens."
"Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds is the fun new reggae musical at the Children’s Theater Company, just when you need it the most. Set in sunny Jamaica, the adaptation of Cedella Marley’s book of the same name, has you feeling the tropical rhythms so deep, you’ll forget that it’s 10 below outside!"