Friday, January 24, 2020

TCTB Review Roundup: Theatre Elision's A FLIGHT OF SHORT MUSICALS

TCTB wants you to know about Theatre Elision super short run of six super short musicals, served up with a flight of drinks. Only two shows remain tonight and tomorrow, so read our bloggers's* thoughts and head to Elision Playhouse for A FLIGHT OF SHORT MUSICALS if it looks like something you might like.
Millennial in the Mezzanine
"Singing and acting and drinking, oh my! Is there anything better than enjoying a delicious cocktail (or two or three) and watching talented people perform? The answer is no. No there is not."
Twin Cities Stages
"The variety in works performed guarantees that there will be something for everyone to enjoy. And if there is a piece that you find doesn't capture you much, you will soon have a new theatrical piece to experience."
Cherry and Spoon
"They're all truly delightful and unexpected, at least one locally written, and performed by a talented local cast. If that weren't enough, your admission also includes a flight of three drinks (wine, or alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails), delivered to your seat during short intermissions."
The Stages of MN
"The entire cast of this production are good singers and even though it’s basically staged as a reading they all know how to perform the parts just enough to add humor and emotion when required."
*I always thought it was bloggers' but based on one of the musicals I now think it should be bloggers's. Or bloggerses's? No that can't be right...