Tuesday, January 7, 2020

TCTB Review Roundup - Stevie Ray's Improv Company and MAMMA MIA! at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres

Our newest blogger Trin at The Global Dig recently visited Stevie Ray's Improv Company at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres and recommends it: http://bit.ly/2tlQHmA
And don't forget that MAMMA MIA! is ending it's year-long run in February. Here's a reminder of what our bloggers wrote about it when it opened last spring:
Play off the Page raves that The Chan "knows how to give their guests an outstanding experience from the food, (order off the menu not just one set dish for everyone) attentive wait staff, beautiful setting, and of course outstanding productions. I always feel happy when I’m there." https://bit.ly/2EQLuVA
While the Ordway's recent production "still holds a special place in my heart," Cherry And The Spoon says "There's room for two big, beautiful, fantastically fun Mamma Mia!s in this town." http://bit.ly/cs_mammamia19
From Say Entirely: "After Minnesota's cold (and seemingly endless) winter, the show is a breath of fresh, summery air." https://bit.ly/2TIb4WA
Compendium - Minneapolis writes about the Chan: "They put their trademark style on this show, and the talented musical cast and sunny dispositions of their portrayals are just what I needed to brighten my winter blues." https://bit.ly/2Fbv6Rc