Wednesday, January 15, 2020

TCTB Review Roundup - BLOOMSDAY at Lyric Arts

Lyric Arts opened their first show of 2020 last weekend - a lovely time-traveling Irish romance. Check out what our bloggers thought below, and then click here for more info and tickets (continuing through January 26):
Cherry and Spoon
"... features a strong four-person cast and lovely design that bring us right into this charming and unconventional love story."
The Stages of MN
"The stage is transformed into a square on a Dublin street, its scope is impressive for such a small scale story."
Twin Cities Stages
"he roles of Caithleen and Cait were portrayed by Gillian Constable and Lolly Foy respectively. It was very easy to see them as two parts of the same person, and their performances were a highlight of the show for me."