Thursday, January 30, 2020

TCTB Review Roundup: Theater Latte Da's BERNARDA ALBA

Our bloggers were quite impressed by Theater Latté Da's regional premiere of BERNARDA ALBA, a musical adaptation of Spanish playwright Federico Garcia Lorca's play THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA. Read on for their thoughts, then visit TLD's website for more info and tickets.
Cherry and Spoon
"Just when it seems like there are no new musicals, and companies keep producing the same ones ever and over again, something like Bernarda Alba comes along. Not only has this specific show never been produced in #TCTheater before, but it's a truly unique creation. It's no surprise that it's Theater Latte Da, masters of doing theater musically, who bring it to us. It's simply stunning. "
The Stages of MN
"Theater Latté Da’s production of Bernarda Alba is an Aesthetic triumph. Scenic Design, Costuming, Sound Design and lighting are is such accordance that the sense of oppression becomes a character itself."
Compendium - Minneapolis
"Bernarda Alba benefits from a truly rock star cast, beginning with the HBIC herself Regina Marie Williams as Bernarda. Williams has long been a favorite local star of mine, with the queenly carriage of Angela Basset and the fearsome talent of Viola Davis. Her performance here is deliciously severe, and the whole audience shivered every time she struck the stage floor with her cane."
Play off the Page
"This production is stunning, in every sense of the word. Stunning for its beauty and haunting music. Stunning for its portrayal of women. And, stunning, like a blow to the head that leaves you reeling. How could our world be so unfair and unkind to women? So much so that women extend that cruelty towards one another. "
photo by Dan Norman