Monday, January 27, 2020

TCTB Review Roundup: NOURA at the Guthrie Theater

Our bloggers recommend NOURA, playing on Guthrie Theater's proscenium stage through February 16.…/2019-2020-season/…/
Read on for why, and click the link below for more info and tickets.
Millennial in the Mezzanine
"Obviously, this story is super topical, but it is never political or divisive. It’s simply the story of a family finding their place and attempting to reconcile with all that they’ve lost."
Play off the Page
"So much of life happens around the kitchen table. Our culture and customs show up in food prep, special dishes during holidays and celebrations, and the conversations with the people who gather with us. It’s where we tell our stories, share our hopes and dreams, laugh, cry, criticize, and come together. This is first and foremost what Noura is all about, people, and their relationship with one another. "
The Stages of MN
"Noura written by Heather Raffo is inspired by A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen, but stands on it’s own as a dynamic and moving work that explores the question of identity. The Guthrie Theater has assembled a brilliant cast that brings a complex and dramatic script to life."
Cherry and Spoon
"This is a devastating play, that brings to light issues of worldwide refugees, the destruction of war, cultures lost, individualism vs. community, and personal identity. It's incredibly current and relevant, and beautifully presented by the cast and creative team."
Compendium - Minneapolis
"Crises like refugee migration, terrorist attacks and invasion of nations are not problems with easy solutions, and you won't leave this play filled with answers. Instead, Noura asks all of us to come with closed mouths and open ears, simply to receive a story of grief and heartache, and to try not to repeat the mistakes of our past."
photo by Dan Norman