Saturday, December 14, 2019

Steel Magnolias at the Guthrie Theater

Steel Magnolias, which is closing on Sunday, Dec. 15, at Guthrie Theater is a modern classic with characters and stories that we can relate to. This stellar cast brings it to life.
Play off the Page writes: This is a story of "Sisterhood"
Cherry and Spoon writes: this story of female friendship, and the ways that women come together to support, challenge, and love each other, will never go out of style.
Compendium - Minneapolis writes: Steel Magnolias is simply a story about life, centered in the salon of Truvy.
The Stages of MN writes: Steel magnolias is a funny and warm look at the relationships of six woman in a small town and the support system they have created for each other in Truvy’s Salon.
Photo by Dan Norman