Saturday, December 28, 2019

Getting Plowed at Brave New Workshop

Getting Plowed at The Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre is closing Jan. 4, 2020. All the winter humor still applies! A few of our bloggers made it out through the cold and snow and busy schedules to get a few laughs before the holidays!
Trin at The Global Dig writes: Getting Plowed, directed by Caleb McEwen is a holiday show that takes a naughtier-than-nice look at the holiday season with a satirical edge...Strange unscripted things do happen on stage.
Cherry and Spoon writes: It's definitely different than the usual theater I attend - more fun and loose and playful - but still with talented and familiar performers who are experts at what they do. Which is write and perform silly, smart, timely, relatable, ridiculous comedy sketches. And this show is all about the holidays, in an irreverent sort of way that celebrates all that we love and hate about this time of year.
PhenoMNal Twin Cities writes: With all-new, but comfortingly familiar material skewering holiday tropes like burnout, letters to Santa, and family dysfunction, it’s great catharsis to know you’re not alone in feeling like the holidays are getting more stressful.