Tuesday, March 24, 2020

TCTB Review Roundup: Recently Closed Shows

Recently many well received shows ended their runs early due to the current crisis. Although we are sad that fewer audiences were able to see these works, we wanted to share the thoughts of the bloggers who did see these important works:

Play off the Page saw Thunder Knocking at the Door at Ten Thousand Things and said "This blusical has everything: family dynamic, a love story, a mythical character, soul-searching, and some of the best music I’ve ever heard." http://bit.ly/39NEgzW

The Stages of MN saw Interstate at Mixed Blood Theatre Company and said "We’re so fortunate that something this great is having its world premiere here. In a perfect world, this show with this cast would move from here to Broadway"http://bit.ly/32YKQBi
The Bacchae at Guthrie Theater also closed prematurely.

PhenoMNal Twin Cities said "This production of The Bacchae at The Guthrie comes at a strikingly opportune moment; a time when persistent attacks upon science and reason have undermined institutions when we need them most." https://bit.ly/3ahCqYl

The Stages of MN writes " I’m not sure what to say about The Bacchae. I didn’t love it or hate it. For me it was definitely less then the sum of its parts. If you are a fan of Greek tragedies, I suspect you will find a lot to admire in the production."http://bit.ly/3cNpE5T