Saturday, October 26, 2019

TCTB Review Roundup: ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW at Park Square Theatre

Our bloggers have lots of thoughts about Park Square Theatre's new production of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. Read on and click the links for more:
Cherry and Spoon
"Camp isn't really my thing, and The Rocky Horror Show is full on camp, so I wasn't as into it as many of the people around me. But there's no denying the talent and commitment of the cast, and the love-bordering-on-obsession people have for this show."
Play off the Page
"Gracie [Anderson] rocked it as Frank with strong vocals, self-confidence, and bold intensity. In fact, all the vocals were outstanding. I love seeing the band on stage as part of the show. Under the direction of Andrew Fleser, they made it come alive."
The Stages of MN
"The entire cast performs well. Standouts to me vocally were Hope Nordquist and Cameron Reeves as Magenta and Eddie, but it is a uniformly strong cast."
Twin Cities Stages
"I was disappointed that despite the nontraditional casting choice of Frank little went changed. Frank is still a shown as a villain (be it a very fun villain) and an alien... seems to go against the leaps and bounds that we have made as a culture in understanding the nuances of gender identity since the show premiered in 1973."
Photo by Dan Norman.