Monday, October 21, 2019

TCTB Review Roundup: THE HOLLOW by Trademark Theater

A bunch of shows closed this past weekend, including Trademark Theater's original music/dance/theater piece THE HOLLOW. Our bloggers were entranced by the unique piece - click on the links below to find out why.
Cherry and Spoon:
"It's a dreamlike mesmerizing journey of music, dance, emotion."
Play off the Page:
"Tyler and Emily move in fluid, synchronized motion. Like our relationships, sometimes they are in perfect unison, other times in contrary motion. Sometimes, it’s soft and quiet, other times, loud and overbearing. Often, their movements enhance the music, the way they move, crouch, jump, and breath."
Compendium - Minneapolis:
"It's bracingly modern yet feels familiar, lyrical and abrasive, loud and tender."
The Stages of MN:
"The Hollow is anything but hollow, and yet, it is also hollow. Full of beautiful music and movement that is filled with emotions. But what those emotions represent is left to each individual member of the audience."
Photo by Dan Norman.