Monday, April 22, 2019

TCTB Review Roundup: "The Golden Record Project" at Sandbox Theatre

Sandbox Theatre's latest creation is part museum exhibit, part performance. Our bloggers highly recommend it, but they only allow 12 audience members per show in their intimate space in south Minneapolis. Select tickets remain through May 4.
Minnesota Theater Love
"We've never seen anything like The Golden Record Project at Sandbox Theatre (through May 4). An art installation and a performance piece set simultaneously in the past and the future, this truly immersive show is, frankly, mind-blowing."
Single White Fringe Geek:
"It’s sort of part theater, part dance, part art exhibit, part audio visual trip down memory lane. All the artists involved in The Golden Record Project unabashedly geek out on the subject while also making it clear they understand (a little sheepishly) just how much they’re geeking out about it. Which just makes the whole thing seem that much more charming and sweet, and draws you in that much deeper."