Tuesday, April 2, 2019

TCTB Review Roundup: Closing Soon!

Get your tickets quick to these blogger-recommended shows!
The Cradle Will Rock by Frank Theatre at Gremlin Theatre (through April 7)
Single White Fringe Geek says: "The Cradle Will Rock is pretty much tailor-made for Frank Theatre’s brand of brazen political theatricality." http://tinyurl.com/yxej9eaf
Cherry and Spoon: "As usual, director Wendy Knox and her cast and creative team have created a manifestation of the written play that is incredibly detailed, thoughtful, consistent, and true to the message." http://bit.ly/cs_cradle
Minnesota Theater Love: "This kind of show, like the work of Bertolt Brecht, is right in Frank's wheelhouse. The actors commit fully to the concept, and make the most of their roles." https://bit.ly/2TLWedC
The Picture of Dorian Gray by Collide Theatrical Park Square Theatre(through April 7)
Cherry and Spoon: "It's a fabulous and well constructed piece of dance-music-theater." http://bit.ly/cs_dorian
Play off the Page: "It is a beautiful collaboration of dance, theater, music, and storytelling." https://bit.ly/2JRWGqK
Minnesota Theater Love: "The Picture of Dorian Gray is an ambitious dance adaptation of a classic work." https://bit.ly/2ODCx6O
The Last Firefly by SteppingStone Theatre and Theater Mu (through April 7)
Compendium writes: "What better way to build a theater community - both in audiences and on-stage - than to take a risk and include students in your shows? It might not give a production a highly polished sheen like you'd see on a CTC or Guthrie stage, but it will inspire a passion in the hearts of those kids and pay it forward many times over as they grow older, learn more about theater, and one day decide how they want to remain engaged with that world." https://bit.ly/2HKJVg3
The Beldenville Troll: A New England Gothic Open Eye Figure Theatre(through April 14)
Minnesota Theater Love: "If there's anything more awesome than a delightfully creepy true story, it's a fictional spooky story that is so well-crafted that it feels real." https://bit.ly/2U0Pr4I
Cherry and Spoon: "The Beldenville Troll: A New England Gothic is a unique and inventive piece of theater that you won't see anywhere else." http://bit.ly/cs_btroll