Thursday, May 3, 2018

TCTB Review Roundup: Orchard Theater Collective's THOMAS TALLIS

Another show that the bloggers loved is closing this weekend, so act fast to catch The Orchard Theater Collective's lovely and intimate THOMAS TALLIS, performed in a church.
"New young theater company Orchard Theater Collective has chosen this play as their second work, staging a lovely and haunting production in Calvary Baptist Church."
Cherry and Spoon
"Thomas Tallis may be an imagined telling of his life and the historical times, but the themes and emotions portrayed ring true. The Orchard Theater Collective presents a beautiful story of suffering as well as hope and, of course, the stunning power of music."
Say Entirely
"The show is a thoughtful look into the forgotten name behind eternalized music and the history that shaped it. If you are a fan of choral music this piece is not to be missed."
Twin Cities Stages
"What you need to know is THIS: Set in the lovely Calvary Baptist Church, lit by candlelight and with no amplification other than the church's natural acoustics, with Thomas Tallis's gorgeous music sung by the choir, and a strong, endearing cast, this is a unique, gorgeous, compelling show. See it, support it, love it."
Minnesota Theater Love