Tuesday, May 8, 2018

TCTB Review Roundup: DR. SEUSS'S THE LORAX at Children's Theatre Company

photo by Dan Norman
"The Lorax is highly entertaining, thought-provoking, magically staged, and brilliantly cast."
"A charming, playful, and poignantly relevant musical."
"A triumphant, creative adaptation that pulls the heartstrings, teaches a lesson, and puts a wide smile on your face all at the same time."
"Sure to win the hearts of kids and adults alike."
These are just a few of the things our bloggers had to say, er... write, about Children's Theatre Company's US premiere of The Old Vic Theatre's musical adaptation of DR. SEUSS'S THE LORAX (which moves on to The Old Globein San Diego this summer). Read more at the links below, and click here for more information and to purchase tickets: