Friday, May 11, 2018

TCTB Review Roundup: INTO THE WOODS at Lakeshore Players

Lakeshore Players Theatre just opened a brand new performing arts center in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Two of our bloggers attended the inaugural show in their new space, Stephen Sondheim's INTO THE WOODS. Click the links to read what they thought about the show, and then check out LPT if you're in the area.
Brett Talk
"The cast is pretty rock solid. I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of ensemblebetween all the actors. With a show that has a cast of this size, it really is crucial that everyone is in perfect sync with each other. The dancing and singing were superb by everyone."
Cherry and Spoon
"I was impressed not only with the new facility, but also with the quality of their production of Into the Woods. Sondheim isn't easy for professional theaters, much less community theaters, but there were zero cringe-worthy moments and they really pulled off this tricky show remarkably well."