Wednesday, February 22, 2023

TCTB REVIEW ROUNDUP! "Locomotion" and "Corduroy" at Children's Theatre Company


There are two shows happening at Children's Theatre Company right now, one for the younger set and one for a bit older. Our (grown-up) bloggers have seen them both - read their reviews below.
Three of our bloggers saw LOCOMOTION (recommended for age 9 and up, continuing through March 5 on the Cargill Stage):
"It’s a show that contains a lot of flashbacks and poetry which I think lost some of the younger members of the audience. Paradoxically, that’s probably what makes it a more interesting narrative for those of us on the other end of the age spectrum. I appreciated the way information was revealed slowly, filling in the missing pieces of the plot. I also enjoyed the way poetry was used as a way for the characters to connect with their emotions."
"There were a mishmash of important topics brought up - foster care, loss of family, sickle cell anemia - which made it a bit difficult to figure if there was one core message. Then I realized that it is like life - throwing you all sorts of curveballs and how you deal with them, how you respond is the important thing. Lonnie learns to respond through writing and his poetry."
"Adult Cast: Charla Marie Bailey (Mama/Ms. Edna/Ms. Marcus) and Darrick Mosley (Daddy/Agency Man) are incredible to watch as they fill the roles of all the adults in Lonnie’s life, I caught myself at times forgetting they were playing all the roles as they transformed into each new character presented on stage."
Life in Revue also saw CORDUROY (recommended for age 4 and up, continuing through April 12 in the main theater) based on the beloved book and wrote: "This play is an incredibly fun romp! ... There is so much visual and physical comedy in this play! So much action for young eyes to take in, a story that is fairly simple to follow - even if you don't understand all the words, and at the same time plenty of wordplay, and tomfoolery for older kids as well."
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