Tuesday, February 21, 2023

BLUES FOR AN ALABAMA SKY continuing at Guthrie Theater through March 12

A great #TCTheater choice for Black History Month is the moving play BLUES FOR AN ALABAMA SKY, continuing at Guthrie Theater through March 12. Read our bloggers' reviews below, and get your tickets here:
"Escape the bleak Minnesota midwinter to spend a few hours in the Harlem in the summer of 1930. The dramedy Blues for an Alabama Sky has romance, betrayals, friendship, grief, fashion, and even a little music. There is tragedy in this story of a group of friends living in NYC's large and thriving Black community in the early part of the 20th Century, but the focus is on aspirations and dreams. "
"The play is powerful, and in some respects, haunting. It is powerful, and it is worth seeing. The running time may be two and a half hours, but the experience, and the questions it brings, will linger far longer."
"The first act takes a while for the set-up, but once we’ve established who these characters are and their relationship with each other, it picks up. By the second act, it becomes a riveting play about the issues that each one faces. While it carries some heavy themes, and a tragic moment, it still offers humor, hope, and possibilities for some of the characters."
Photo credit: Dan Norman
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