Thursday, September 26, 2019

TCTB Review Roundup: Closing Soon!

The end of September means the close of several #tctheater shows! Don't lose your last opportunity to see some awesome work this weekend.
Bone Mother by Sandbox Theatre at the The Museum of Russian Art, closing 9/27:
Compendium - Minneapolis says "Bone Mother is a truly unique performance, at once ancient and entirely original; modern but familiar; feminine and powerful. [...] It's the perfect thing to watch as our seasons transition to a darker one and we prepare to sit more quietly inside ourselves." More here:
Cherry and Spoon says "Combine Russian folk tales, aerialists, music, theater, and a unique space and what do you get? Sandbox Theatre's latest uniquely beautiful creation, Bone Mother." More here:
Immaculate Heart by Freshwater Theatre Company at The Crane Theater, closing 9/28:
Cherry and Spoon says "In their new original play Immaculate Heart, Freshwater Theatre thoughtfully explores issues surrounding faith (specifically, Catholicism) and sexuality (specifically, the last and often overlooked letter in the LGBTQIA alphabet - asexuality). Playwright Ruth Virkus has created a world and a situation that feels real and very human, and the three-person cast brings truth, vulnerability, and humanity to their roles. As a recovering Catholic, I'm familiar with the struggle between seeing the good that the church has done and the solace it is for so many people, and the many ways it falls short in the modern world with its intolerant and exclusionary doctrine. This play and its characters embody that struggle very well, as well as shed light on a lesser known aspect of the spectrum of sexuality." More here:
Escaped Alone and Here We Go by Frank Theatre at Gremlin Theatre, closing on 9/29:
Cherry and Spoon says: "I don't know if these two plays were meant to be performed together, but they work very well with each other, dealing with similar themes of aging and death. [...] Odd, perplexing, surprising, funny, charming, sad, poignant, and profound are just a few of the adjectives that could be used to describe these plays. " More here:
Our Town at Artistry MN, closing 9/29:
Cherry and Spoon says: "The new production by Artistry, perhaps best known for their musicals, features a fantastic cast that brings out all of the humor, heart, and meaning in this classic. There's a reason that Our Town continues to be produced, and audiences continue to see it - it speaks to us in a very real and deep way." More here: