Tuesday, March 26, 2019

TCTB Review Roundup: The Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company's THE MIKADO

It's spring! What better time for a little The Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company and Rick Shiomi's The Mikado. Our bloggers were out in force to catch this show (through April 7th only).
From Cherry and Spoon: " I love G&S's fast, witty, joyful operas, and GSVLOC does them well with a huge cast and orchestra." http://bit.ly/cs_mikado
Play off the Page writes: "Cast with exuberant and talented performers, and choreographed in fun, even joyful, moves, and of course, the skilled musicians bring it to life." https://bit.ly/2TUO0DX
Say Entirely: "The Mikado is light, enjoyable, and full of universal, timeless humor." https://bit.ly/2Tl7gpT
Compendium - Minneapolis gets deep into Rick Shiomi's work and says: "By bringing in a visionary like Rick Shiomi to move The Mikado into the modern era, GSVLOC has found a way to have their cake and eat it too. " https://bit.ly/2TRoro5
PhenoMNenal Twin Cities: "In all, it was quite an enjoyable evening. The actors are well-cast; everyone sang and danced together seamlessly." https://bit.ly/2FxpgZr