Tuesday, March 12, 2019

TCTB Review Roundup: AS YOU LIKE IT at the Guthrie Theater

Friends, you still have one week to catch As You Like It at Guthrie Theater(through 3/17). Our TCTB bloggers said:
Play off the Page calls AYLI worth the long drive home in the dark: "It is light and lively filled with romance and gender swapping. Its playful forest scenes make you smile." https://bit.ly/2GKxP5b
PhenoMNenal raves: "With four weddings, a wrestling match, multiple disguises, hapless shepherds, and all sorts of romantic mischief, there is plenty of merriment and gaiety to lighten the coldest, winter-hardened heart." https://bit.ly/2UwuwT5
Brett Talk says The Guthrie's "commitment to not only producing this play but making it so diverse and inclusive makes it easily one of the best Shakespeare productions I’ve ever seen." https://bit.ly/2T4m297
Cherry and Spoon rounds it all up with: "it's still super fun, charming, with a fantastically talented and diverse cast, and just an all around pleasant evening." http://bit.ly/cs_aylig