Sunday, December 9, 2018

TCTB Review Roundup: THE WICKHAMS: CHRISTMAS AT PEMBERLEY at the Jungle Theater

Our bloggers were smitten by The Jungle Theater's second foray into the world of Jane Austen PRIDE AND PREJUDICE fan fiction. Read on for their thoughts on the world premiere play THE WICKHAMS: CHRISTMAS AT PEMBERLEY.
Twin Cities Stages
"THE WICKHAMS is a lovely show for Christmas and for the days we are living in. It is a show about compassion, gender equality and finding your own voice. For those who find joy in theater around the holidays as I do, The Wickhams is a must see."
Compendium - Minneapolis
"The standout elements of this show were the impeccable comedic timing, directed to perfection by Christina Baldwin. This ship is run as tightly as a British naval frigate and the cast whips through jokes with casual ease. That cast is small but smart, by the way, and everyone serves their roles perfectly."
Play off the Page
"The writers confess that they take a few liberties with the characters and the rules of society of the times, but what they create is entertaining, thought-provoking, and just what we need as we examine the roles and rules of men and women in any society/relationship."
Cherry and Spoon
"THE WICKHAMS feels like Jane Austen for the #metoo era. George Wickham represents that charming scoundrel who appears so often in novels (and in real life), and turns that idea on its head, revealing that it's actually not charming to deceive and mistreat women, and women both real and fictional are no longer going to put up with that kind of behavior. Hooray!"
Twin Cities Arts Reader:
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Mrs. Reynolds (Angela Timberman) does not approve of The Wickhams (Nate Cheeseman and Kelsey Didion, photo by Rich Ryan)