Wednesday, December 5, 2018

TCTB Review Roundup: Black Nativity at Penumbra Theatre

A couple of our bloggers attended this year's production of Penumbra Theatre Company's 30+ year tradition, BLACK NATIVITY - the nativity story as expressed through black culture. Needless to say we were inspired. Read on for more, and click here for info and tickets:
Cherry and Spoon:
"There truly is no better place to experience the "joyful noise" of the holiday* season than at Penumbra Theatre's annual production of Black Nativity."
Minnesota Theater Love:
"No matter how many times I see this show, it always manages to lift my spirits and recharge my holiday spirit. It has that effect on the rest of the audience as well, judging by the clapping and cheering. I heartily recommend it for everyone, whether you are excited for Christmas or a Scrooge in the making."
Greta Oglesby and Dennis Spears with the choir from last year's production (photo by Allen Weeks)