Sunday, September 9, 2018

Hamilton - at long last!

Now that the most beloved of all shows in American theater (yes, that one) has finally come round to the Twin Cities, what’s left for a theater blogger to say? Except  perhaps that however good you’ve heard the show is, it’s better. So say Hamilton first-timers like Brett, who exults: “Just like a cannon going through a window during the Revolutionary War, this show shattered every expectation I had”   Disappointed that you didn’t get to see the original Broadway cast?  Don’t be! Because Phenomenal assures us that this touring company is outstanding: “I have never witnessed such energy and commitment to giving the audience their very best performance each and every night”.. This blogger was, in fact, so blown away by Nik Walker as Aaron Burr she “became completely obsessed with him  from the moment he stepped onstage”: . First-timer Mary over at Play Off the Page agrees that the play “lives up to all the hype” and exceeds it: . Meanwhile Cherry and Spoon’s seasoned Hamilton-goer Jill, who has seen  “the play about America’s favorite founding father” 4 times (!)insists that Hamilton is “still epic and thrilling”  the 4th time! around And if you’re not already convinced that there simply is no such thing as Hamilton fatigue, Compendium's Becky Iverson supplies 9 lovely reasons why she “still cares about Hamilton” three years after it opened:   (If you haven’t already done so,check out the handy-dandy guide from the Hamilton vets over at Minnesota Theatre Love: 

And surely you are well aware of the Hamilton lottery.   What? What's this? Wait, how could you not know about the Hamilton lottery?  Try your luck here: https:/

Hamilton plays through Oct 7 at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis. For tickets and information go to: More info about Hamilton at

Production photo by Joan Marcus.