Saturday, November 4, 2017

Finding Neverland - TCTB Review Roundup

TCTB Blogger Review Roundup on Finding Neverland at Hennepin Theatre Trust, which closes this weekend.

Our bloggers said:

"It's miles better than the recent movie and well worth a stop if you want to escape our early November snow."
Compendium - Minneapolis:

"Even if it's not the most original musical you'll see, it's still quite delightful in execution."
Cherry and Spoon:

"The musical stage adaptation of Finding Neverland is beautiful, colorful, imaginative, and alive. "
Play off the Page:

"I can confidently say that my expectations were not only blown away, but they were shoved in a cannon on Captain Hooks ship and blown miles away. It was an absolutely charming, surprisingly touching, nostalgic musical."
Coffee Talk with Brett: