Monday, November 6, 2017

Hamlet - TCTB Review Roundup

Photo by Amy Anderson
Check out a modern, new, Joel Sass-directed Hamlet at Park Square Theatre (now through November 11). Our bloggers were all love for TCTB favorite Kory LaQuess Pullam.

Cherry and Spoon sums it up for us:
"This Hamlet, adapted, directed, and designed by Joel Sass, features a condensed cast of just nine, some gender-swapping (which provides more roles for women in male-heavy Shakespeare plays), and what I would call a breakout performance by Kory LaQuess Pullam in the title role, except that he's been breaking out for a couple of years in #TCTheater."
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Compendium - Minneapolis adds:
"I really appreciated the fresh take on long-hallowed lines (yes, despite the heavy cutting you will hear your To Be Or Not To Bes and Good Night Sweet Princes) that removed their precious reputations and imbued them with a deeper feeling. It was awesome to see more non-traditional casting and an intentional - and mostly successful - attempt to imbue this very dark plot with a healthy dose of humor. I'm excited to see where this dynamic, fresh acting crew heads after this production. They are the future of our local theater scene, and what a promising prospect we have to look forward to."
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Single White Fringe Geek says:
"There are very few actors for whom I’d sit through another production of William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Kory LaQuess Pullam is one of them. So when I learned Park Square Theatre had cast Pullam as their Hamlet, I was on board. And that was before I learned that Joel Sass was in the director’s chair. That also helped put my mind at ease that this was going to be a different, and enjoyable Hamlet to watch."
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From Twin Cities Arts Reader:
"Revenge does not sit well on Kory LaQuess Pullam’s Hamlet. Pullam performs in Park Square Theatre’s current production, staged by director Joel Sass in a modern setting. The action moves forward at a lively pace; at the center of the production – and the thing that makes it worth seeing – is Pullam’s powerful, richly layered performance. Pullam brings exquisite emotion to the great role, especially in the great monologues, but throughout as well."
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