Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Royal Family - TCTB Review Roundup

The Royal Family currently playing at the Guthrie Theater until March 19th is a story about a theatrical family. Our Twin CIties Theater Bloggers had mixed feelings about this show but agree that it is a lavish production. Check out the Twin Cities Theater Bloggers Roundup below.
Cherry and Spoon says, "The Royal Family is a gorgeous production with a gorgeously talented cast, a hilarious play about a wacky family and that thing we all love best - theater." Read the full review: http://bit.ly/2lYum5E
Compendium - Minneapolis writes, "If you're looking for a gorgeous period staging and are a fan of the reality show life, this will probably catch you. If you're looking for something totally abstracted from today's woes, or with a little teeth to it, you won't find it here." Read the full review: http://bit.ly/2kci7Wz
Talkin Broadway says, " Cast to perfection, this gem of a production, directed by (Broadway toast) Rachel Chavkin, is as rich in wit as it is in humanity." Read the full review: http://bit.ly/2mx7w8o