Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Passing Through Pig's Eye: TCTB Review Round-up

Joe Chvala and The Flying Foot Forum present Passing Through Pig's Eye at the Andy Boss Thrust Stage at Park Square Theater. 
The show runs only through September 11. But his amazing, immersive, historical, percussive show is one you shouldn't miss. Read more about it from our bloggers!
Compendium says: "You won't be able to stay in your seat during this infectious show. It's a little bit of everything: a little theater, a little tap, a little jazz, a little comedy, a little modern dance, a little walking tour, and a whole lot of fun."
Cherry and Spoon: "I highly recommend experiencing Passing through Pig's Eye for yourself for an entertaining, immersive, non-threateningly participatory, uniquely fun night of music, theater, dance, and history."
Minnesota Theater Love: "It's a mouthful, and not easy to describe. But here are a few words that come to mind: Enthralling, jaw-dropping, intense, athletic, funny, and engaging."