Friday, July 15, 2016

Disney's The Lion King at Orpheum Theatre: TCTB Review Roundup

We just can't quit it can we? This week we saw THE LION KING (through August 7) and what a beauty it was! Bloggers absolutely love this family friendly show, and connected the story to current events. A selection of quotes includes:

"What was powerful about seeing The Lion King when I did is that it is simultaneously escapist and making a commentary on the world around us. It is a beautiful, spectacular show."

"The parallels between the story were also almost eerily contemporary, in a way I haven't appreciated in past viewings of the movie or the play...It goes without saying that this is a truly beautiful show, but if you haven't seen it before please do yourself a favor and revel in the spectacle."

"The message is one of hope and that we must be confident in who we are, not run but stand together for all that is good."

"The beauty in the production, from the writing to the costumes and special effects, provided me an opportunity to fully immerse myself in the emotional, yet positive vibes resonating through the theater."

"The Lion King is a feat of theatrical design."