Saturday, July 2, 2016

Calendar Girls at Park Square Theatre: TCTB Review Roundup

The Twin Cities Theater Bloggers recently partnered with Park Square Theatre to host an event before, during, and after a performance of CALENDAR GIRLS (playing through July 26). We all loved this feel-good, woman-power play, and enjoyed chatting with other theater goers and with cast members after the show. We look forward to continuing to partner with Park Square and other theater around town to host similar community-building events. (Send us a message if you're interested in hosting or participating in such an event.)
Click the links below to read about the play from a multitude of perspectives, and find such highlights as: "the joy of the play is spending time getting to know these realistic women and seeing their friendships develop and deepen;" "you'll laugh, you'll squirm in your seat, you'll shed a few (or many) tears, and you'll fall in love with these women;" "Calendar Girls is one of those rare stories that really does the female experience justice;" "rare is the script that provides multiple rolls for women over 40 who can play characters with such emotional depth and complexity."