Thursday, April 29, 2021

TCTB Review Roundup: THE REVOLUTIONISTS streaming from Lyric Arts

Hi friends. It's been a while since you've heard from us, but we're still here! And today we are pleased to bring you a virtual Review Roundup of Lyric Arts's new production of the Lauren Gunderson play THE REVOLUTIONISTS, filmed on their Anoka stage. It's available to stream on demand through this weekend only, so act fast! This is a great opportunity to check out Lyric Arts's work without driving to Anoka (which isn't as far as you think it is).

"Like many of Lauren's plays, it tells a fictionalized story of well-known (or should be well-known) women from history with modern language and sensibility, and is funny, smart, poignant, and relevant."
"I never anticipated that my first time seeing a production with Lyrics Arts would be streamed to my living room, but after seeing “The Revolutionists” I look forward to driving to Anoka to visit as soon as we are able to."
"It's history, but it's not. It's conversations between women who could have been in the same room but weren't. "The Revolutionists" is a story that makes you wish for what could have been and yearn for unknown stories that were lost. And, with some killer one-liners ("What good is a declaration if everyone agrees?"), the play encourages and challenges our march toward justice in the 21st century."