Thursday, February 11, 2021

Theater Mu's Livestream of TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY

#TCTheater fans - here's another virtual review round-up for you! According to two of our bloggers, Theater Mu's first foray into the virtual theater world was a great success! TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY is performed live, with the actors each performing in their own home, as technical wizardy pulls it all together. Check out their reviews at the links below, then get your tickets for a live show this week/end, or the on-demand recording available next week. (But we really do recommend watching it live if possible.)

"With actors in six different locations across the country, using multiple areas in their homes, along with green screens, virtual backgrounds, sound cues, split screens, and overlayed images in an incredibly ambitious and successful technical feat. TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY is truly innovative storytelling in a way that's never been seen before."
"The use of virtual backgrounds and quick cuts between these various mediums was so clever and a unique way to lean into our current virtual lifestyle and transform it into art."
cover of virtual program (photo by Rich Ryan)