Sunday, July 12, 2020

Streaming #TCTheater

Hi friends. A reminder that we're still collecting Facebook event pages for virtual #TCTheater events on our EVENTS page. Please click on EVENTS for details on this week's shows, including:

Great River Shakespeare Festival
's weekly series continues with a new play reading tonight.
Somerville Productions
is back with more "songs for feeling better" tonight! You can also view videos of past shows on the Facebook page.
Theater Mu
's Friday night Mu-tini hour will feature new plays by pairs of Black and Asian playwrights.
Rev. Matt's Monster Science
is hosting a benefit for
Minnesota Fringe
on Friday, featuring performances by many Fringe faves.
Weekly faves continue:
Leslie Vincent Music
- Monday night ukulele show
Rev. Matt's Monster Science
- Thursday night show about Sasquatch and Nessie
The Cut-Out Bar
- nightly record listening parties