Thursday, February 14, 2019

TCTB Review Roundup: THE WOLVES by the Jungle Theater at the Southern Theater

One of the hottest tickets in town is the revival of The Wolves by The Jungle Theater at The Southern Theater. There are only a few days to catch it before it closes on February 17 - check out our blogger's reviews to see why you need to go:
Cherry and Spoon says it's "just the kind of story we're craving right now."
Compendium - Minneapolis says "This is a show that is clearly made by women, starring women, for women, and I can't express enough how meaningful that experience was for me."
Play off the Page says "I declare 2019 The Year of the Woman!"
Gina Musto says "If I liked this play the first time, I am absolutely infatuated with it this time around."
Brett Talk says "Through Delappe’s brilliant and realistic writing, along with Sarah Rusmussen’s incredible direction, these nine women create truly a beyond remarkable ensemble."