Thursday, January 24, 2019

TCTB Review Roundup: Theatre Elision's Gone Missing

The second and final weekend of Theatre Elision's GONE MISSING is here! Just four more performances remain, including a Pay What You Can performance tonight. We awarded Elision our "Under the Radar" Award for 2018 - don't let them continue to slip by under your radar in 2019!
Cherry and Spoon
"I'm grateful to Elision for bringing us this piece [by recently departed composer/lyricist Michael Friedman]. Gone Missing is a funny, quirky, poignant little musical about all things lost, as always beautifully performed by the cast and band."
Twin Cities Stages
"This balance of humor, sadness and nostalgia, and the joy in the stories in which things were found, blended together beautifully. Just like the balance between the stories and the music, the flow between music and dialogue was seamless, and the range of musical styles across the 11 songs will ensure that everyone will have a part to enjoy. "