Monday, October 8, 2018

Frankenstein: Playing with Fire

                                                                     Photo by Dan Norman

Frankenstein: Playing with Fire at Guthrie Theater🔥

What does it mean to be alive??? 

Read what the Twin Cities Theater Bloggers are saying about the retelling of this 200-year-old classic tale.

The acting is superb; the blocking is dynamic and full of energy, yet you can feel the weight of time on the two rivals as they seek answers to the questions that have defined their existence for so many years. - PhenoMNal Twin Cities
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It's less an adaptation of the novel and more of a behind-the-scenes, filling in the emotional gaps between the book's flagship events. - Compendium - Minneapolis
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Theater gives us a common experience that asks questions, invites discussion, and widens your perspective. - Play off the Page
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It makes us think of our full potential. - Brett Talk
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In the real world, our technology has outpaced our ability to deal with unexpected consequences (eg: Facebook). Such are the ideas brought up by this 200-year old book that still resonates today. - Cherry and Spoon 
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Now through October 27th.

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