Thursday, July 19, 2018

TCTB Review Roundup: Carmen

Several Twin Cities Theater Bloggers attended Carmen under the stars at Mill City Summer Opera. A "Raintermission" as Cherry and Spoon named it, shortened the the experience, but it was still wonderful.
"There's nothing quite like sitting outdoors in a beautiful setting listing to a chorus of amazing singers accompanied by an orchestra of amazing musicians, watching them tell a story with energy and passion despite the oppressive heat." Cherry and Spoon
"A powerful and beautiful" performance Play off the Page
"A true masterpiece by Georges Bizet, Carmen has everything you love in opera (or any good story to be honest) - high drama, romance, swashbuckling masculinity, memorable themes, lyrical arias, and the sexiest damn singers you ever did see. It's like a pirate ship for music, how can you go wrong?" Compendium - Minneapolis