Thursday, April 12, 2018

TCTB Review Roundup: Dance 'Til you Drop at History Theatre

Another great show closing on April 15 is the new Dance 'Til You Drop at History Theatre. Here's what our bloggers had to say:
From Cherry and Spoon
"Let's call it an original historical dance musical! Like all COLLIDE productions, it features exquisite storytelling through dance, and like all History Theatre shows, it's an informative and compelling look at history and how it relates to today. It's fun, inspirational, nostalgic, and over in a quick two hours that will leave you wanting more."
From Play off the Page
"The idea for this story started with a headstone in the Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis, MN. Callum deVillier’s headstone read, World Champion Marathon Dancer 3780 Continuous Hours. The stage adaptation of this amazing feat starts with him in his barber shop in St. Louis Park, MN telling the story of how he danced for over five and a half months with his partner Vonny Kuchinski. It is fascinating to watch. Not only is dance a beautiful art form, it is a wonderful way to tell this story. It includes the athleticism needed to dance, the stamina it takes to perform, and the incredible mental strength to keep going. It’s a lesson that Cal took throughout his life."