Tuesday, March 13, 2018

TCTB Review Round Up: The Pirates of Penzance at Park Square Theatre

Park Square Theatre has produced a re imagined and new production of "Pirates of Penzance" that had many of our bloggers absolutely gushing! This production runs through March 25. 

Read their reviews below:

Cherry and Spoon: "This show is proof that classic pieces we love, despite some outdated parts, can be updated to feel fresh, modern, relevant, and still worthy of doing" http://bit.ly/cs_pirates

Compendium - Minneapolis: "[Christina Baldwin's] subversively modern feminist re-writes of several of the lyrical interludes make this performance contemporary and enlightening..." http://bit.ly/2Hwsg8e

Twin Cities Stages: "Park Square has made [The Pirates of Penzance] something brilliant and brand new."http://bit.ly/2F5YpX0

Coffee Talk with Brett: "What I loved about this set is the ever changing set pieces. Never did I get bored with it because of the amount of large set pieces that were so three dimensional with different looks on each side." http://bit.ly/2D5SVW6