Monday, January 15, 2018

2017 Twin Cities Theater Blogger Award Winners!

Drumroll please... the winners of the 3rd annual Twin Cities Theater Bloggers awards have been determined*! Thanks to all of the amazing #TCTheater companies for keeping us entertained, challenged, intrigued, and engaged in 2017. Here's to an even better 2018!
Favorite comedic performance by an individual
- Sun Mee Chomet - Vietgone (Mixed Blood Theatre Company)
Favorite dramatic performance by an individual
- Mo Perry - Nether (The Jungle Theater)
Favorite musical performance by an individual
- Randy Schmeling - Jesus Christ Superstar (Ordway Center for the Performing Arts)
Favorite comedic performance by an ensemble
- One Man Two Guvnors (Yellow Tree Theatre)
Favorite dramatic performance by an ensemble
- Watch On the Rhine (Guthrie Theater)
Favorite musical performance by an ensemble
- Fly By Night (Jungle)
Favorite director of a play
- Mark Valdez - Vietgone (Mixed Blood)
Favorite director of a musical
- James A Rocco - Jesus Christ Superstar (Ordway)
Favorite music director
- Denise Prosek - Man Of La Mancha (Theater Latté Da)
Favorite choreographer
- Alberto Justiniano & James A Rocco - In the Heights (Ordway)
Favorite scenic design
- Joel Sass - Hamlet (Park Square Theatre) AND Paper Dreams Of Harry Chin (History Theatre) AND Red Shoes (Open Eye Figure Theatre)
Favorite costume design
- Mathew J Lefebvre - Nether (Jungle) AND Wedding Band (Penumbra Theatre Company)
Favorite lighting design
- Mike Wangen - Citizen (Frank Theatre) AND Immigrant Journey Project (Mu Performing Arts) AND Wedding Band (Penumbra)
Favorite sound design
- C Andrew Mayer - Nether (Jungle) AND Vietgone (Mixed Blood)
Favorite play
- Vietgone (Mixed Blood)
Favorite musical
- Man Of La Mancha (Theater Latte Da)
Favorite new work
- Girl Shakes Loose (Penumbra)
Favorite theater company
- Jungle Theater
Favorite theater venue
- Guthrie Theater
Best use of social media
Children's Theatre Company
Most accessible theater
- Mixed Blood Theatre
Favorite new artist / one to watch
- Christian Bardin
*Bloggers from the following blogs participated in the final vote, in which each blogger chose one nominee from the 5 or 6 in each category (see full list of nominees here: Results were tabulated, and ties were decided by a re-vote.