Monday, October 9, 2017

TCTB Review Roundup - YPC, Mixed Blood, Sandbox and more!

How to Use a Knife at Mixed Blood (photo by Rich Ryan)
Rounding up reviews for a few shows for October 2017:

Mean at Youth Performance Company

"With Mean, YPC’s Mean uses good original theater to add something useful (and positive) to an important conversation."
Single White Fringe Geek:

How to Use a Knife at Mixed Blood Theatre Company

"For those of us outside of that profession, How to Use a Knife is an honest, illuminating portrait of how difficult work in a kitchen is and how deeply politics seeps through every aspect of our lives, even those hidden behind double doors."

"Will Snider's new play is a tragicomedy that takes place in a restaurant kitchen with diverse, clearly drawn, realistic characters, brilliantly brought to life by a fantastic cast, with a completely engrossing story that'll leave you wondering just who the bad guy is in this story, and maybe realizing that defining a "bad guy" isn't all that simple."
Cherry and Spoon:

In the Treetops at Sandbox Theatre at Open Eye

"As we left the theater I said to my friend, half-jokingly, “Leave it to Sandbox Theatre to create a children’s show about poverty and death.” Half-jokingly. And art. It’s also about art, and the artist, and creating, because that’s also frequently tucked in the back of things the Sandbox ensemble creates and performs."
Single White Fringe Geek:

Sorry friends, but this one is sold out:

String at Yellow Tree Theatre

But Cherry and Spoon loved it: