Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rent at the Orpheum Theatre - TCTB Review Roundup

Even though the tour of Rent (at the Orpheum Theatre has gone on to its next tour stop, our bloggers had some strong, strong feels about the show. Rent is eternal, so check out these great reviews from our bloggers.

"Now RENT is on the road again with the 20th anniversary tour, a production filled with as much life, heart, and energy as ever. And it's stopping in Minneapolis for just one week only. Whether it's your first, or 15th, or 100th time seeing it, RENT is a joyful, moving, inspirational experience." -
Cherry and Spoon

"People who have been Rent-heads for the past two decades gave an enthusiastic welcome to this Broadway touring troupe, cheering as though their best friends were performing. The energy was contagious." -
Play off the Page

Photo by Carol Rosegg
"Can you believe Tuesday is the first time I've ever seen Rent on stage? I know, I know. How is it possible that a young theater reviewer has somehow bypassed THE musical that ushered in our modern age of new works?" - Compendium - Minneapolis

"The Orpheum is a big theater but the energy coming off the stage at Tuesday night's performance easily filled the house. And the audience gave all that energy right back. I have never been to a show with that kind of energy and audience reaction (including when I saw Rent on Broadway). The rock concert vibe created by the talented cast and the audience seemed to elevate the show to a different level." - Twin Cities Stages