Saturday, January 28, 2017

"Diana's Garden" TCTB Review Roundup

It's the final weekend for #DianasGarden by Minnesota Opera at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts! And what did our bloggers think?
Graphic by Kristin Backman

Keith from Life in Revue recommends the performance, "It is gorgeous, charming, funny, sweet, and has a perfect ending.
The orchestra lead by Michael Christie sounded great. The staging by Peter Rothstein (of Theater Latte Da fame) was perfect. He found humor where there was humor, serious love and passion - all following the music." Read the full review:
And Kendra from Artfully Engaging has a few deals on her blog including tonight's performance of "Diana's Garden." She also enjoyed her opera experience, "It is a throroughly entertaining night out. I highly recoomend it for the beautiful music and comedy. Watching a powerful goddess on stage is a great way to spend your weekend." More on her blog: